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Welsh Corgis, they may be Pembroke or Cardigan, are sheperds. Herding was their primary function. As the modernisation of agriculture was progressing, they had to adapt themselves to a new role : home pet. Though, they carry on showing their intelligence and adaptabilty nowadays, whatever does their life situation requires. Let me tell you about a few examples :

Some are really good and smart at agility, depsite of their small size. Here are a few pictures of « T'es Pas Kool de la Caverne des Anges », a Cardigan who got his french Brevet award. « Rien Ne Va Plus de la Caverne des Ange, « Orlinda Sweet Shadow de la Caverne des Anges » and « Maïté » are Pembroke as to themselves. Some Corgis may practice Dog Dancing, Obédience, Traking or Canicross (endurance races).

Some are simply wonderful sheperds. Their origins of heelers give them natural dispositions for cattle herding.

Their kindness and their love for the human kind in general make a preicous help of them. Indeed, Corgis may be used as hearing dogs for the deaf, helps for rubble searches, or helps in old people or disabled persons' homes. Pembroke Bella, and Cardigan Joker, are employed, together with their owner, for this last purpose.

Some years ago, I by chance had a Pembroke bitch who liked the Mondioring work. Proving once more how clever Corgis are. Utine had learned about the training programm just attending the lessons of our German Sherperd at the Club where we would go working. Utine looked to be much more found of this last discipline than Agility, the reason why she was coming at the training Club's together with our GSD. She would take it as a game, waht you can see from the following pictures.

Utine was the first Pembroke I bred; a lovely girl, so smart and sensitive, and so devoted to us. But she was very mischievous too, and loved to be the star, as you can see :

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