About french legislation regarding breeders.

I would like to mention the rules that any french breeder is likely to respect in our country, if he/she intedns to breed two times or more in the year. These rules specified by law texts from our Minstry of Agriculture, that breeder depends on.

Any breeder of any animal kind should pass and have a Certificate called Certificat de Capacité. Kennels have to be registered at and by local authorities, who may deliver specific authorisations which are compulasory to establish an official kennel.

Local authorities then declare the kennel at the District Vet Services (DSV), who may grant their agreement or not.

The kennel must be declared too at the local Agriculture Chamber. These authorities will forward the kennel details at the Tax services and other Departments, according to french laws. The breeder will be then given a SIRET, or SIREN number, which testifies about his/her official activity.

Breeders should also hold an incoming and outcoming register, and a sanitary register where all cares to animals are recorded.

Eventually, there are additional obligations to respect, to be found in the french law texts.

    As recap :
  • my kennel has all agreements
  • I passed my Certificat de Capacité years ago
  • My SIRET number exists for more than 20 years
  • I am registered at the Agriculture Chamber and at its corresponding Mutual Services
  • My kennel is regularly controled by Vet Services.
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