Icelandic Sheepdog

About twenty years ago, I discovered the breed of Icelandic sheepdog in a magazine. Some time later, at the French Championship in Longchamps, a breeder was walking with a puppy in her arms ... Little ball of fur with an adorable little face, I cracked. Thus "Kaota" joined my Welsh Corgis.

Then ... disappointment. Kaota grew, the more it grew, the more I was wondering .I asked questions. In effect, the puppy that I bought with confidence was ultimately not confirmed by lack of type. In fact, it was more like a Finnish Spitz than a Icelandic Sheepdog. To my dismay, I decided to place it. It was entrusted to a friend Alain Fontbonne, who had fallen under the spell. He took care of it for years, and she joined the paradise of dogs at the respectable age of 15. Alain traveled to Iceland, his home country, to spread his ashes... Here ends the episode. Alain thank you, with you she had a wonderful life.

Meanwhile, a half-sister of Kaota joined us, but ... Another disappointment. Nina, pretty bitch, well typed this time, does not get along with my Corgis: very dominant dog, I had to manage continual fighting. Again, after a difficult choice, I had to part with it because I can not keep it away from other Corgis. For several years, I contented myself to see again Kaota from time to time, and go see the "Icelanders" in shows. But time passes, and seeing Kaota old, Alain and myself wanted to acquire another Icelandic Sheepdog. The decision. In 2005, resumption of research. In 2006: after a year of waiting, a good news came with a litter of quality announced in Denmark. In June 2007, Alain making the voyage to bring back Finadana, and a few days later, she joined the pack of Corgis.

In 2008, during a conference in Iceland, Alain has a funny encounter with a young male named "Bjarkarkots Huginn". If he does not replace Kaota in his heart, however, he opened another page of our saga of the Icelandic Sheepdog.

In 2010, "Fina" and Huggin get married. Thus was born the first litter of Icelandic Sheepdog at "La Caverne des Anges": three pretty female fawn and white - Folle Amanda, Folie Bergere and Folie Douce. The last one remained at home. The family is growing ...?

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